Huge brown pop (VIDEO)

The skin changes with us throughout our lives. As a baby we still have very fragile skin. The skin is then slightly thinner and can dry out quickly. This is because the skin cells are less close together and the skin is therefore more “open”. And as we get older, we loosen up in our skin. We get wrinkles and spots or spots that were never there before.

This skin aging process is natural. But sometimes it goes faster due to external factors. Sun and smoking are the two main culprits for rapid skin aging. And besides that UV rays accelerate the process of skin aging, they can also cause skin cancer. It is therefore important to protect your skin from the sun.

Unfortunately, if you just drink enough water, your skin will naturally become less dry. So you cannot moisturize your skin from within. Also, moisturizing through creams cannot be done literally. What is possible is that certain ingredients such as urea and lipids ensure that the skin is better able to retain moisture.