Istanbul Park is the best F1-track in the world

Experiencing a Grand Prix at the Istanbul Park circuit is a real treat. The last time that this 5,338 meter circuit was raced was in 2011. And although the Istanbul Park circuit was still in good condition, the F1 cars have changed.

This required adjustments to the circuit, mainly the asphalt. At the last minute (3 months before the start date) the park decided, together with the former architect and F1 professionals, to restore the asphalt to meet the current Formula 1 cars and racing requirements. The only downside to the new asphalt is that the grip would be a little less than normal, but that is bothering everyone and so the battle remains the same. Which shows in practice, as seven-time world champion driver Lewis Hamilton confirms after * the legendary GP: “I would like more races like Turkey on the calendar”.

Istanbul Park
There must be more challenging circumstances because this creates more opportunities. I had the chance to show everyone what kind of driver I am. I won the race and not the car. ”* Istanbul Park is known as the best F1 circuit in the world, partly because of the beautiful cornering combinations.

Visit Istanbul
The park is located in the eastern part of the wonderfully busy and intriguing metropolis with no less than 18 million inhabitants. Formerly known as Constantinople, Istanbul is bisected by the Bosphorus River. On one bank you are in the European part on the other in the Asian part. Both parts are definitely worth a visit, a wonderful mix of Ottoman and Roman peaceful side by side.