The world’s first bitcoin rewards.

Visa comes with the first credit card that you use to earn back Bitcoin with every purchase. There is already a waiting list for the BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards credit card. Visa has entered into a partnership with the startup BlockFi for this.

The operation of the card is simple. After you sign up and your account is approved, you will receive a credit limit (in USD). You can spend this limit every month. If your balance is paid on time, no interest will be charged on the balance. For every transaction you make on the new card, 1.5% cash back is generated and then automatically converted to bitcoin and deposited into your BlockFi account on a regular monthly cycle.

BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards credit card rewards
For marketing with a high “wannahave” content, the new card is specially made of metal. The design also works. To make it even more appealing, as a BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards credit card customer and owner, you will receive a bonus in Bitcoin worth $ 250 if you spend more than $ 3,000 during the first three months after receiving your card.

The new Bitcoin Rewards credit card will be available to both existing and new BlockFi account holders. Existing account holders, however, are given priority. From January, a waiting list will be opened for everyone who wants to use this card. The card is the first aimed at people who would like to get acquainted with the crypto currency.